30th December 2020 0

Krippentour – Quiztime 30th Dec 2020

By Nixintel

Why are all these people parking their cars at a swimming pool in the middle of lockdown? This was the question Lars Wienand posted for yesterday's Quiztime challenge. Here's the...

29th December 2020 2

Make Your Own Internet Archive With Archive Box

By Nixintel

One of the biggest challenges of internet investigation is preserving data once you've found it. We have access to more information than ever before, but so much of it can...

30th November 2020 0

Using The UK Planning System For OSINT

By Nixintel

There's a huge difference between countries when it comes to using publicly available records for OSINT. If you're researching a subject in the USA there's a wealth of available information....

30th October 2020 0

How To Fix Outdated PHP in WordPress

By Nixintel

I have a love/hate relationship with WordPress. It's the world's most popular CMS and it makes managing websites very easy. The downside of this widespread popularity is that there is...

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