Three Gmail OSINT Tips

Discovering email addresses or user names is an important part of OSINT work. In this short article I’ll look at three methods for gathering information about Gmail users. How To Tell If An Organisation Uses Gmail The growth of GSuite (now better known as Google Workspace) for cloud based productivity means that organisations can link …

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OSINT Research And Subdomain Discovery

Being able to discover subdomains is an essential part of researching an organisation. Behind a company’s main domain there are many other subdomains that can provide useful information about an organisation’s structure, technology, and business practices. Subdomain discovery is a foundational skill for security researchers, but it is a very useful tool to add to …

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Getting Started With Overpass Turbo – Part 1

The Open Street Map database contains detailed information about almost every square metre of the surface of the planet. Land use, building types, rivers, park benches, pubs, streets and millions of other data points are all mapped out and documented in detail. You might be familiar with the browser-based Open Street Map (OSM) website. Superficially …

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